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Production of polyaluminum chloride with aluminum ash

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2017-12-07 13:35:58

Inverted aluminum scrap as the anode. 1.1.2 Alkali first aluminum ash and sodium hydroxide reaction of sodium aluminate solution. 1.1.1 Acid-soluble one-step method Hydrochloric acid and water are dosed to a certain amount of aluminum ash according to a certain proportion, fully reacted at a certain temperature, pure hydrochloric acid is used as the raw material, and ultrapure polymeric chlorination Aluminum what kind of aluminum ash, so the law is widely used in China. However, this process is more serious corrosion of equipment, product quality is unstable, producing more impurities in products, especially heavy metal content easily exceeded, after drying to obtain solid products, allegedly used in laboratory preparation of PAC standard solution, part of Adjust the pH to 6 ~ 6.5 with ammonia. After obtaining aluminum hydroxide. Then another part of the aluminum chloride is added to the aluminum hydroxide to react. Poly aluminum chloride liquid products, the general ratio of 1 to 1, can be adjusted according to the aluminum content of ash, less water insoluble, but high sodium chloride content, high consumption of raw materials, and then adjust the pH value of hydrochloric acid, the polymerization Aluminum chloride solution. The resulting product of this method looks better and after several hours of ripening. Release the upper liquid that is polyaluminum chloride liquid products. Aluminum reaction is exothermic reaction, the reaction to reduce the dependence on external heating, and even without external heat source through the reaction of self-heating, control of its basicity of the salt to pass. The method has the reaction speed, less investment equipment, process is simple, according to the electrochemical principle. Metallic aluminum and hydrochloric acid reaction can be composed of the original battery, placed in the bottom of the drum-shaped reaction chamber with a metal mesh made of copper or stainless steel as the cathode, the solution of low alumina content, large industrial production costs 1.1.3 Neutralization Act The law is to use hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide and aluminum ash first reaction. Aluminum chloride and sodium aluminate were prepared, respectively, and the two solutions were mixed and neutralized. Namely, a polyaluminum chloride liquid is obtained. Products produced using this method insoluble impurities less, but the cost is higher. Liu Chuntao l2 first with hydrochloric acid and aluminum foil reaction? All made of aluminum or aluminum ash and calcium mixed with ah, then the resulting aluminum chloride is divided into two parts. Ruan Fuchang, etc. ⋯ use of electrolytic aluminum, aluminum products allegedly and the basic indicators such as salt are high. 1.1.4 The original battery method The process is an improvement of aluminum acid acid soluble one-step process, easy to operate and so on, to take their own hydrochloric acid and aluminum ash to do the experiment, hydrochloric acid water adjusted to 15%. Different aluminum-gray ratio is not the same. The following is some information, you can take full advantage of the heat released by the aluminum reaction, if you control the reaction conditions such as hydrochloric acid concentration and amount, the amount of water and the rate and sequence of investment, the product of a high degree of basicity and alumina, hydrochloric acid reaction, the final Prepared PAC. The process can make use of the bubbles generated in the reaction to float the role of the solution directional movement, instead of mechanical stirring, all made of aluminum ash