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Poly Aluminium Chloride in all form, is extensively used as an industrial coagulant and Flocculent in different industries. Different grades of PAC are available for different purposes. PAC products are used in water treatment for removal of suspended solid (Turbidity) and other contaminants such as natural organic matter from surface water, Micro - organisms and colloidal particles, silt and clay are stabilized by surface electrostatic charges preventing the particles from coalescing. It is advantageous in water of low to moderate turbidity, possibly because of the greater charge neutralizing capacity relative to alum.

Name: poly aluminium chloride

Short Name: PAC

Formula: Aln(OH)mCl(3n-m); 0<m<3n

CAS No.: 1327-41-9

Hs No.: 2827320000


 PAC Product Type     



Drum drying type polyaluminium chloride

Poly aluminum chloride is produced by the traditional process drum dryer polyaluminum chloride, the process is simple, low production costs, good product stability, wide adaptation to water, strong adsorption capacity, the formation of alum large, dense sedimentation fast, Products cost-effective, widely used in domestic waterworks and various types of sewage treatment companies. 


Spray drying type poly aluminium chloride

Spraying polyaluminium chloride is produced by spraying tower polyaluminum chloride, with good stability, wide adaptation to water, hydrolysis speed, strong adsorption capacity, the formation of alum large, dense sedimentation fast, low water turbidity, Dehydration performance is good.










White poly aluminium chloride

By the aluminum hydroxide powder and high purity hydrochloric acid spray-dried processed from a white or milky white powder-like fine powder, bare in the air easily melted. In recent years, white polyaluminum chloride has replaced aluminum sulfate as a neutral sizing agent in the paper industry.






PAC Technical Data

Quality Standard





Industrial Grade

Drinking Water Grade






Yellow Brown Liquid

Yellow Granule

Yellow Brown Liquid

Yellow Powder

Al2O3 Content %





Basicity %





Densicity (20℃)(g/cm³)





Water Insoluble





PH Value



As %




Pb %




Cd %




Hg %




Cr %





PAC Main Application

Industrial & Municipal Wastewater

Paper Making Wastewater

Textile & Dyeing Wastewater

Tannery & Leather Wastewater

Coal Washing & Mining Wastewater

Wine & Brewery Wastewater

Oily Wastewater

Meat Processing Wastewater.etc.


PAC Use Method

1. Solution Preparation: The dissolve rate of PAC is 5%. It means dissolve 50g PAC into 1L water. The water is tap water or purified water.

2. Dissolve Time: The time is 5-10 min if you fully stir for dissolve.

3. Dosage: Get water sample and confirm optimum dosages by test.




PAC Dosage Rate for different application



Quantity(Kg/Kt Water)


Quantity(Kg/Kt Water)

Domestic water


Industrial wastewater


Municipal sewage


Electroplate wastewater


Metallurgical wastewater


Papermaking wastewater


Build paint waste water


Tannery wastewater


Food wastewater


Chemical wastewater


Emulsion wastewater


Coal washing wastewater


Printing and dyeing wastewater


Bleaching and dyeing waste water




PAC Production Technology


According to different drying technique, there is two type poly aluminium chloride, drum drying type pac and spray drying type pac


PAC Package & Storage

Package: 25kg/bag, 20-23mt/container

                It is packed in polypropylene woven bag with plastic liner 


Storage: Expiration date is more than 1 years

               It should be stored in cool and dry place

               It still can be used if the poly aluminium chloride is affected with moisture






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