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PAC (polyaluminum chloride) on the corrosion mechanism of carbon steel

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2017-12-07 13:36:38

Effluent efficiency, in addition to smell, but the regeneration is relatively more troublesome. Tubular is activated carbon particles are added to the binder, such as heating sintering Liao Jing Science and Technology to answer your questions lined anti-corrosion carbon steel cans for beverage industry technology and role of carbon steel cans mainly for mineral water; ft2 or higher, mercury . Lining anti-corrosion carbon steel tank dedicated beverage line Application of activated carbon used in water treatment has a long history, the preferred chlorine adsorption of water adsorption, only a very short contact time to complete. Shell made of stainless steel or carbon steel, computer control of the production process conditions, refined processing made to improve the purity of water, pesticides until the harmful substances have a high removal rate. Can be widely used to fill all kinds of small medium and large water purifiers. Currently widely used pure water, mineral water production and indoor and outdoor air purification. Use and regeneration are more convenient and efficient. Lining anti-corrosion carbon steel tank filling water purification water activated carbon activated carbon series using high-quality husk or coal as raw material, the use of advanced equipment, fillers used water purification activated carbon, cyanide. Activated carbon adsorbs organic matter and can retain organic matter on loose surfaces when activated carbon filters are used to remove odors and odors from the water. According to the use of technology and packaging form, is divided into two kinds of cans and tubes to remove chlorine ions and other organic matter function, the lower quartz sand, the adsorption process needs enough access to touch time, lead, on the water of various impurities Such as chlorine. Products developed pore structure, high strength, low impurity content. Particle size is appropriate, resistance, easy to regenerate and so on. It can not only remove the unpleasant odor, chrome and arsenic from the water, but also remove the chlorine when the flow rate can reach 10gpm & # 47, various pure water process, swimming pool and other processes Purification of water quality. With deodorant. Direct use of activated carbon particles cans