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Poly aluminum ferric chloride dissolved in deionized water do?

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2017-12-07 13:36:12

In fact, PACP dosage is very simple to determine, as long as we use PACP method to use basically do not go wrong, commissioning or beaker test site to obtain the best conditions for use and the best investment In order to achieve the best treatment effect. 1, prior to use, the PAC will be put in a certain concentration (10-30%) into the alum pool, tap into the mixing water to fully hydrolyze, let stand until a reddish brown liquid, and then diluted with water to the desired concentration Add coagulation; 4, a reasonable method of use is essential, the above-prepared liquid is pumped into the metering tank, by measuring the dosing liquid and raw water coagulation, waterworks can use the original other doses as a reference, Under the same conditions, the dosage of this product is about the same as that of solid polyaluminum chloride, which is determined by the amount of solid aluminum sulphate. When using it, the amount of alum can be formed according to the nature of the raw water through production commissioning or beaker experiment . 3. Water plants can also be dubbed 2-5% direct investment, industrial wastewater treatment directly dubbed 5-10% dosing. 2, to determine the dosage, good aluminum polychloride products in order to play its best effect. Generally according to the weight ratio of 1; 3-1 & # 47 According to different situations, with tap water, a slight precipitate is a normal phenomenon. 4, under normal circumstances the date of the preparation of the day use. If the original is a liquid product, according to the corresponding agent concentration calculation discretion