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The higher the base concentration of pac salt, the better the total phosphorus removal

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2017-12-07 13:36:05

Polyaluminum chloride three major indicators, polyaluminium chloride basic degree of 40-95% (base degree adjustable). 3. Improve the base degree of polyaluminum chloride products, raw materials can reduce the cost of production by 20%, the use of cost can be reduced by 40%, can greatly improve the economic benefits of production and use of water-insoluble, basicity is an important index, Is also a reference for manufacturers. Salt base degree is one of the most important quality indicators of polyaluminum chloride products. 2, the higher the basicity of the salt? Today, first of all to introduce to you the basic degree of polymerization of aluminum chloride, the higher the price, the less dosage. Salt is currently the highest degree of spray-dried polyaluminium chloride: 1, the basic degree of salt. For aluminum polychloride prices, the aluminum content. For solid polyaluminum chloride, the basicity of this indicator is very important. The basicity of the aluminum salt is increased from 40% to 90%. Generally speaking, the national standard of polyaluminum chloride is 40-90. What is the basicity of polyaluminum chloride? The level of the base of the salt has any effect on the use of the product