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The manufacturing principle of poly ferric sulfate

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2017-11-05 15:07:46

At present, the main raw material used in produce liquid poly ferric sulfate in our country is ferrous sulfate. Gongyi Filter Industry Co.,Ltd is the largest producer of poly ferric sulfate in China. We will introduce the manufacturing principle of poly ferric sulfate

Ferrous sulfate is oxidized in a sulfuric acid solution. If the ratio of sulfuric acid to ferrous sulfate is less than 1/2, the ferric ion is hydrolyzed to produce partial hydrogen ions and various hydroxy iron ions. Hydrogen ions generated by hydrolysis in turn Can guarantee the redox hydrogen ions needed to adjust the ratio, you can get the desired degree of basicity of the polymerization of ferric sulfate. If controlling the above values> 3/2, a free acid-containing ferric sulfate solution can be prepared. At present, the domestic use of chlorate oxidation and oxygen oxidation, the former with more expensive oxidants, although the production process is very simple, but the overall production cost is higher relative to the latter, with nitrogen oxide as a catalyst with air oxidation Law and oxygen oxidation method of production is exactly the same principle. The principle of using this principle to produce polyferric sulfate many, the technical level of the situation is also very different. 

Catalytic oxidation

Oxygen is a stronger oxidant