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Polyaluminum chloride in the use of the process will not corrode the water pipeline

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2017-12-19 09:22:39

Polyaluminum chloride will not corrode the water pipeline in the process of use We know that the raw materials in the production of polyaluminum chloride containing hydrochloric acid, polyaluminum chloride raw materials, although the acidity of sulfuric acid corrosion is not as severe, but it still has more Strong corrosive, then the use of polyaluminum chloride after the pipeline and other equipment will not form a corrosion hazard it? First, in the case of PAC products, HCI in the production process mainly reacts with and neutralises aluminum gray and still has certain acidity in the resulting PAC products, which is why we That inedible and touch the eyes and other factors, but its acidity is far from corrosive; Second, the water pipe, the current pipeline at the time of production have made a certain increase in decay resistance, Mainly in response to a number of chemical liquids and high-sulfide pipelines under the safe operation. From the above highlights of our analysis, first of all, the acid residue in the PAC products is now no corrosion of the chemical properties, coupled with the current pipeline transport data update, on the corrosive liquid flow can thoroughly send Therefore, it is completely wrong to say that the pipeline water is polluted by pipelines after polyaluminium chloride is purified from the water body.