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Poly aluminum chloride high-end demand growth simultaneously

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2017-12-19 09:22:35

Polychlorinated aluminum high-end demand growth simultaneously In the new year, high-end aluminum polychloride products will be synchronized growth. The growth in demand for high-end products is mainly driven by the urban population. It is learned that in recent years, the population of migrant workers in Pearl River Delta, represented by Guangzhou, has been gradually increasing. The urban water consumption has been continuously increasing, and the water purifying agent products required for drinking water have also been gradually increasing. As more than 30% of the high-end polyaluminum chloride Its low cost, easy to use, effective and is widely used, every year to 10% growth rate. This year marks the first year of the 12th Five-Year Plan. Some large-scale industrial projects in the southern part of China will be built and the use of water will increase greatly. This will further highlight the demand for high-end poly-aluminum chloride and will push it to the high-end Upgrade. Industrial pollution control needs will drive the simultaneous growth of low-end products. According to incomplete statistics, the content of polyaluminum chloride, which is below 28% in China, still accounts for more than 60% of the total output, mainly for wastewater treatment in papermaking, dyes and chemical industries. As a major wastewater treatment product, the construction and commissioning of a new round of industrial projects in the southern region (especially the Pearl River Delta Region) will also lead to a surge in demand for polyaluminum chloride (28% or less). According to Gongyi City, Henan Province, a large manufacturer of water purifiers reflect the person in charge, more than 70% of the products are sold to the Pearl River Delta region. According to reports, the national environmental policy requires that all new projects this year must be environmental standards, sewage treatment measures acceptance. By this promotion, polyaluminium chloride will usher in a new round of growth. At the same time, some enterprises in Guangdong expanded their scale this year. Only the newly formed independent wastewater treatment plant has increased by 10% over the previous year, further increasing the demand for polyaluminum chloride. The growth rate is expected to exceed 20% , Driving the industry as a whole.