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The difference between white high purity polyaluminium chloride and other aluminum chloride

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2017-12-19 09:22:34

Difference between white high-purity polyaluminium chloride and other aluminum chloride With the progress of people's demand for water quality, our factory according to our country all over the north and south, high temperature and high turbidity, low temperature and low turbidity, and the raw water quality of algae and trace chemicals monitoring archives , Adopted to adjust the formula to improve skills, developed a series of white aluminum chloride products. White polyaluminum chloride is a kind of white or milky milk powder precise powder which is formed by spraying aluminum hydroxide powder and high purity hydrochloric acid and drying it in the air. It will be ablated when exposed to the air. Compared with ordinary polyaluminum, the polyaluminum chloride has the following characteristics: Salt base low, as long as 50%, while the basic degree of aluminum base is about 90% poly aluminum, water insoluble small ordinary aluminum more than 2%, pure white color, except does not contain any heavy metals, commercial water After the water solution is crystal clear, without any color, while ordinary aluminum aqueous solution yellow or brown color, low iron content, with low temperature soluble characteristics, is used for oil and water separately from the project.