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Poly aluminum chloride can be used as a new swimming pool water purifier

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2017-12-19 09:22:31

Polyaluminum chloride can be used as a new type of swimming pool water purifier The most commonly used in the swimming pool disinfectant is to use trichloroisocyanuric acid as the main component of swimming pool disinfection tablets or swimming pool disinfection powder. In addition, polyaluminum chloride has also become a new type of swimming pool purifying agent, which can effectively improve the swimming pool water quality, is an excellent swimming pool water purifying agent. Swimming pool disinfection in the use of the pool disinfectant, the best and then use aluminum chloride purification. This pool of chlorine dioxide as the main component of the disinfectant belongs to chlorine disinfectant, volatile. Volatile speed and the sun, the temperature has a direct relationship, summer sun fierce, hot weather disinfectant is very volatile. In the daily end of the vote after the addition of disinfectant, due to the relatively low temperature at night, there is no sunlight, disinfectants can maintain a longer efficacy, so that more thorough and effective disinfection of the swimming pool water; according to each pool Different field opening hours, 1-2 hours before the opening of residual chlorine test, if the residual chlorine is low, the amount may be added dosing disinfectant to make chlorine to meet the health requirements. If premature dosing disinfectant, then soon finished volatile, then to the opening time of chlorine to reach the standard.