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Sewage polyaluminium chloride should be careful when choosing

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2017-12-19 09:22:29

PAC polluted water should be carefully selected in the selection of sewage polyaluminium chloride in the selection of the time to be careful, in practical use, polyaluminum chloride is usually used for sewage treatment applications, as customers are Expect to buy the goods from the best, whether in the quotation, or in the quality of the goods, are expected to be the best, you know, quality is the most customers choose a specification, we Prompted as a quality manufacturer here, how to be able to buy high cost of goods. First of all, you determine the choice of what goods, according to your need to acquire the purifying agent PAC PAC, water purifier PAC model can be divided into drinking water level, industrial grade, food grade, not the same occupation is not the same water treatment Different models, water purifiers PAC use a very wide range of water treatment is the primary application of water purifying PAC, for some water treatment, several water purifiers PAC can use, but the purchase is still to refer to the effect of water treatment . Identification of PAC functional elements are as follows: 1, the physical constants of the test, such as the liquid agent density, viscosity, solid pharmaceutical melting point, etc .; 2, PH value, usually 1% aqueous solution based on the PH value; Such as functional reaction, ion reaction.