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Poly aluminum chloride manufacturers summarize several commonly used methods of water treatment

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2017-12-19 09:22:28

Polyaluminum chloride manufacturers summarize several commonly used water treatment methods Poly aluminum chloride manufacturers summarize several commonly used methods of water treatment: First, to clarify: clarification of water treatment is mainly suspended solids and colloidal substances in raw water, reducing these substances in the original Turbidity formed in water. Specific treatment process can be divided into: coagulation, precipitation and filtration. a. Coagulation Put the medicine into the raw water (water purifying agent) so that the medicine and the raw water are fully mixed and reacted (ie, the coagulation process is carried out in the reaction tank), so the suspended solids and colloidal impurities in the water form big particle flocculation easy to precipitate Body, commonly known as "alum flower." b. Precipitation The raw water entrained by the coagulation process entrains the large-particle flocs to flow into the sedimentation tank at a certain water flow rate and carries out the gravity separation through the sedimentation tank to sink the impurity particles in the water to the bottom of the sedimentation tank for discharging. The above-mentioned purification process can also be completed by a clarification pond, which is a treatment structure that integrates reaction and sedimentation. c. Filtering raw water through coagulation, sedimentation process, the water turbidity greatly reduced, but through the sink into the pool of sediment water still some small impurities, through the filter granular filter (such as quartz sand, Anthracite, etc.) Interception of small impurities in water, the water turbidity further reduced. In addition, when the raw water turbidity is low, the raw water after the medicament is put into can also directly enter the filtration treatment without the coagulation, sedimentation and other treatment processes. The above clarification process (coagulation, sedimentation and filtration) is also effective in reducing the turbidity of raw water, as well as the removal of chroma, bacteria, viruses and the like. For high turbidity of raw water, usually with grit chamber or pre-sedimentation tank to remove larger particles of sediment. Second, disinfection When the raw water coagulation, sedimentation, filtration treatment, flow into the pool through the pipeline, must be disinfected. Disinfection method is to put chlorine in the water, bleach or other disinfectants to kill pathogenic microorganisms in water. There are also methods of using ozone or ultraviolet light disinfection of water. In addition to the above two types of water treatment methods, the other commonly used methods are deodorant, deodorization, iron removal; softening, desalination and desalination. According to different raw water quality and water quality after treatment, the above-mentioned various treatment methods can be used alone or in combination with several treatment methods to form different treatment systems. In the water purification, usually several kinds of treatment methods used in combination.