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Polyaluminium chloride dosage in different sectors of the problem

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2017-12-19 09:22:27

Polyaluminium chloride in different industries dosage problem Domestic coagulant used in the industry is so dazzling, and each hold the advantage in each industry occupy a seat. And now in many industries, the application of more coagulants for the PAC, but for different applications, PAC dosage applications are different. Example: water treatment, papermaking, smelting and so on. Now, the use of polyaluminum chloride is the focus of many industries, one of which is the use of dosage, which is a measure of the quality of polyaluminum chloride, the higher the content, the better the quality, the dosage dosing that is Can be reduced. In the application of different industries, polyaluminum chloride also has its own maximum dosage, not add more is better, each agent has its own use of a limit, if not according to the correct ratio of dosing plus Medicine, eventually will cause secondary pollution breeding. Today, the common coagulant forms on the market are divided into two types: solid and liquid, so with different forms of coagulant content. Liquids now tend to be lower and less stable than solids during use, which is why most manufacturers choose solid products because the concentration of the liquid product is diluted and affects the stability of the ingredients. There are two ways to calculate the dosage of polyaluminum chloride: one is the content of polyaluminum chloride; the other is the content of one of polyaluminum chloride, such as alumina. If it is used in water treatment, polyaluminum chloride dosage depends on the concentration of pollutants in water, the higher the concentration of contaminants dosage should be increased accordingly. Now more in the application of ppm, and the final maximum dosage can be learned through the beaker.