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Polyaluminum chloride pharmaceutical use, storage, precautions

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2017-12-19 09:21:52

Polyaluminum chloride pharmaceutical use, storage, precautions Poly aluminum chloride compared with other coagulants, has the following advantages: wide range of applications, to adapt to a wide range of water. Easy to quickly form a large alum, precipitation performance. Appropriate range of PH value wide (5-9), and the water after treatment PH value and alkalinity decreased small. Low water temperature, can still maintain a stable precipitation effect. Alkalinity than other aluminum salts, iron salts, the role of small equipment erosion. The main features of the product is an inorganic polymer coagulant. Mainly through compression double layer, the absorption of electricity neutralization, adsorption bridging, sediment net arrest mechanism such as the role of fine suspended particulates and colloidal ions in water destabilization, aggregation, flocculation, coagulation, precipitation, to achieve purification effect. Physical and chemical properties of liquid products are colorless, light yellow, light gray or brown transparent or translucent liquid, no precipitation. The solid product is white, light gray, light yellow or tan crystal or powder. Alumina content in the product: liquid product & gt; 8%, solid product 20% -40%, degree of alkalization 70% -75%. Use the product (solid) and water at room temperature by 1/3 weight ratio while stirring dosing until completely dissolved, then add water diluted to the desired concentration of raw water concentration of 100 ~ 500mg / dosage 3 ~ 6mg / I. Specific dosing, water quality should be based on water test, select the best dosage and then put into use. Packaging and storage of solid 25KG bags, inner plastic film, outer plastic woven bags, the product should be stored indoors dry, ventilated, cool place, and not damp. Main Applications PAC is an important coagulant in the field of water purification, which has high purifying effect on low temperature, low turbidity and high turbidity water. However, due to the reaction between the monomer and the organic substance, substances that harm human health are generated, so the purity of PAC is guaranteed in water purification Very important. Safety and health and protection Water treatment agent Poly aluminum chloride products are corrosive, such as accidentally splashed on the skin, rinse immediately with water. Production and use of this product to wear workers wear overalls, wearing masks, gloves, wearing long rubber boots. Production equipment to be sealed, workshop ventilation should be good. Water treatment agent Polychlorinated aluminum products have no danger of combustion and explosion. The use of polyaluminum chloride as a coagulant in municipal waterworks is likely to cause high levels of aluminum in the water, which is one of the factors contributing to Alzheimer's disease.