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Polyaluminum coagulant dosage is too large on the water quality and the effect of what effect

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2017-12-19 09:21:50

Coagulant polyaluminum chloride dosage is too large on the water quality and the effect of the use of any effect of filter water purification factory direct a large number of direct marketing: the various grades of PAC PAC: 26%, 27%, 28%, 30% omitted Intermediate links to the national dealers and users to provide first-hand ex-factory price, long-term cooperation of large concessions! Polyaluminum chloride coagulant hydrolysates compress the diffusion layer of colloidal particles to achieve colloidal detachment and mutual coalescence, or by polymer coagulant adsorption bridging effect, the colloidal adsorption and bonding, and eventually precipitate removed. Traditional coagulation and sedimentation processes have different degrees of removal of organic matter, the relative molecular weight of these organic compounds are usually more than 10,000. Polyaluminum chloride polyaluminium chloride reinforced coagulation technology role By strengthening coagulation removal of natural organic matter in water has been a lot of research. Mechanisms of coagulation to remove organic matter mainly include the electric neutralization of colloidal natural organic compounds and the co-sinking effect between adsorption and metal hydroxide surface. Colloidal natural organic matter mainly depends on the coagulation of compressed double-layer, electricity and adsorption bridge or coagulant precipitation network shop. Strengthen coagulation removal of natural organic matter, the removal rate of the size of the coagulant by the type and nature of coagulant dosage and PH value and other factors. Strengthen the coagulation and sedimentation is to improve the coagulation conditions, so that the removal and removal of organic matter to further expand and improve the method mainly by adjusting the PH value, improve the coagulant, improve water conditions, adding oxidants, coagulants and other aids To achieve, by strengthening the coagulation precipitation, organic compounds can be removed from the relative molecular mass range from more than 10,000 increased to 3000 or even lower. Effects of coagulant types: Aluminum salt and iron salt coagulants can cause electrocatalytic neutralization to destabilize colloids to form humic acid and fulvic acid-containing aluminum and iron polymers to facilitate the removal of precipitates, The surface of the oxyhydroxide provides strong adsorption. In addition, the formation of aluminum and ferroxide flocs can also capture some colloidal particles and dissolved organic matter, as well as the formation of humic acid and fulvic acid-containing polymers. Therefore, iron salts , Aluminum coagulant total organic carbon removal efficiency better than the organic coagulant. The effect of coagulant dosage: the greater coagulant dosage, the total organic carbon removal rate is higher, the appropriate amount of coagulant dosage should be based on the characteristics of water quality and water quality after treatment to determine. PH value is affected: at the same dosage of ferric chloride, lower PH value will achieve high total organic carbon removal rate. Therefore, reducing the pH value for improving the total organic carbon removal rate is obvious. Polyaluminum chloride requires PH value between 8-9, the best coagulation point of fine aluminum sulfate PH value between 5-6.