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Poly aluminum chloride manufacturers talk about the advantages of PAC

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2017-12-19 09:21:48

Polyaluminum chloride PAC manufacturers talk about the merits of PAC water purification plant filter is the well-known water treatment pharmaceutical manufacturers, the construction of the past 30 years has always adhered to the "clean water of China, a clear spring dream" of the pursuit. Filter water purification PAC products sold at home and abroad, in all parts of the world have a good response. Poly aluminum chloride manufacturers talk about the greatest advantages of PAC products. 1. Filter source water purification PAC fast, rapid settling velocity; 2. Polychlorinated aluminum chloride filter water treatment plant PAC wide range of sewage on the removal of heavy metal ions higher (with a dedicated removal of heavy metals and printing and dyeing bleaching Of the sediment residue is formed after treatment Baotuan, can be stirred repeatedly and not brittle, non-stick, good dewatering; 4 filter water purifying PAC products non-toxic, non-corrosive, will not cause environmental damage Pollution; 5. Efficient and rapid, simple process, more cost savings; 6. Powder shape, easy to transport and save, that is ready to use, extremely strong stress! PAC PAC PAC water purification plant is one of the drafting units of the national standard of the drafting unit, filter length of water purification is China's State Water Treatment Committee, vice chairman of the PAC is one of the drafters of the national standard in the Water treatment industry has a decisive position. Water purification filter is committed to the water treatment industry research and production, the quality of environmental protection in the first place, are welcome to visit the plant, and seek common development.