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Husk water purification activated carbon with high efficiency air purification

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2017-12-13 14:43:24

Husk water purification activated carbon has high efficiency air purification shell water purification activated carbon products are widely used in group and household water purifiers, drinking fountains and power plants, petrochemical and other water treatment projects, drinking water pollution in cities, factories, hotels, All kinds of cool drinks and other water treatment better. The product is one of the company's leading products, mainly used in various types of drinking water, industrial circulating water, boiler feed water, electronics industry, food fermentation industry, water removal of organic matter, chlorine removal process. With the removal of strong, long life cycle, can be repeatedly washed and so on. Activated carbon has an efficient air purification function, activated carbon can create a comfortable and clean environment, activated carbon is more care of human health, activated carbon is not seen in the air filter, activated carbon is based on its physical adsorption and chemical decomposition combined function of decomposition of formaldehyde in the air , Ammonia, benzene, cigarettes, fumes and other harmful gases and various odors, especially carcinogenic aromatic substances, activated carbon has a very strong adsorption capacity, is a commonly used adsorbent, catalyst or catalyst carrier, it is easy and air In the full contact of harmful gases, activated carbon use its own pore adsorption of harmful gas molecules inhaled holes, blowing fresh and clean air. So happy family partners can not be separated from our water purification activated carbon.