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Quartz sand as a filter can effectively remove the water turbidity

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2017-12-13 14:43:23

Quartz sand as a filter can effectively remove the turbidity in water quartz sand filter at different water temperatures and filtration rate, filter bed, supporting layer of water filtration system head loss. The support layer only includes the head loss of 1-2, 2-4, 4-8 mm quartz sand media, while the filter water distribution system includes 8-16 mm gravel head loss. The head loss is the initial head loss of the filter bed in a clean state after backwashing. The water temperature has a great influence on the initial head loss of filtration for the quartz sand filter media and the support layer. When the water temperature decreases, the initial head loss of quartz sand filter increases. The efficiency of removing the turbidity of the quartz sand filter layer is expressed as the residual rate of the turbidity of the effluent of the filter layer. That is, the turbidity before filtration is 100%, and the turbidity of the filter layer effluent before turbidity is calculated. For the water temperature 1-50C and 20-300C quartz sand filter bed bed turbidity residual rate curve. The slope of the turbidity residual rate curve of quartz sand filter media is similar at 1-50C, indicating that the turbidity removal rates of the three-layer unit thickness filter layers are the same. 20-300C, the slope of the anthracite is the largest, and the quartz sand is the smallest, which is the same as the curve of the mud content before the backwash. Refined quartz sand filter media turbidity removal rate of about 7-10%, indicating that the refined quartz sand filter layer in the bed played a fine filter effect. However, due to the price of refined quartz sand is much higher than the price of ordinary quartz sand filter, so under the conditions of the case can consider the use of refined quartz sand, the filtering effect is much better than ordinary quartz sand filter, turbidity remaining The rate is much smaller. Quartz sand filter media filter head loss is not necessarily the same head, but the same filter under the same filter speed, after each backwash filter head filtration head loss should be the same. Therefore, in the operation and management of quartz sand filter media, filter head filtration head loss can be used as a measure of the cleanliness of the backwash filter mark. When the filtration head of the filter head loss was significantly increased, it means that the filter bed plot mud. In such a situation, backwashing can be repeated several times at a time when the water supply is low, causing the initial head loss of the filter to approach the original measured value.