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Metallurgical industrial wastewater treatment by adding polyaluminum chloride pharmaceutical auxilia

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2017-12-13 14:43:15

Metallurgical industrial wastewater treatment with the addition of aluminum chloride pharmaceutical auxiliary processing method Metallurgical industrial wastewater treatment with polyaluminum chloride pharmaceutical auxiliary processing France domestic metallurgical wastewater treatment, including mineral processing wastewater treatment, iron and steel industry wastewater treatment and the corresponding polymerization Aluminum chloride. Metallurgical manufacturers said gold industrial wastewater treatment is an important part of environmental protection projects. Experts said the metallurgical industry wastewater quality is very complex, mainly due to differences in production process and production methods of PAC, even if the same process, different time periods, polluted water quality is also great, polyaluminum chloride manufacturers such as Oxygen top converter dust removal sewage, blowing in the same furnace at different stages, the PH value of waste water can be between 4-13, suspended solids can vary between 250-25000mg / L. (Figure 1) Commonly used in the metallurgical industry wastewater treatment polyaluminum chloride, polyaluminum chloride in the metallurgical industry wastewater treatment of various processes, whether it is intermediate processing or final treatment, the use of dosing agent auxiliary treatment, And achieved remarkable results. The following only on the following only the metallurgical industry wastewater treatment commonly used agents to be described. Polyaluminum chloride clarification of water quality agents, metal salts coagulant or coagulant, aluminum salts, including: aluminum sulfate, alum, sodium aluminate iron salts, are: ferric chloride, ferrous sulfate , And other ferric sulfate: copper sulfate, copper sulfate + lime ozone polymer flocculant aluminum chloride, can be used alone, can also be used in combination PAC PAC PAC + PAM, the effect is more pronounced. Metallurgical Industry Polyaluminum Chloride Wastewater Treatment Pharmacy Poly aluminum chloride manufacturers research shows that for some wastewater, if the use of acid before adding or subtracting or adjusting the pH with lime at its best, or acid-base wastewater in progress And treatment, that is, adding lime or NaOH in acidic wastewater, and adding H2SO4 to alkaline wastewater to make it become neutral, you can achieve the best results. Other agents Poly aluminum chloride Adsorbent: such as activated carbon, sulfonated coal, reductant Poly aluminum chloride: iron pin, steel pin, zinc particles and other flotation polyaluminium chloride: xanthate, black drug, sodium oleate , Fatty acids, turpentine, cresol, xylenol, wood tar and other sludge dehydration agent polyaluminium chloride: usually in the wastewater treatment process by adding organic polymer cationic polyacrylamide or anionic polyacrylamide pharmaceutical help In the sludge dehydration, so as to achieve the best results. In addition, there are a number of effective and cheap inorganic metal salts such as ferric chloride, ferric sulfate, iron sulfate, etc., mainly for vacuum filters and filter presses, have achieved good results. This information is provided by http://www.gyzhenyu.com Source filtering water purification materials plant, if reprinted, please indicate the future!