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For hot spring bathing wastewater treatment PAC should be selected flotation process

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2017-12-13 14:43:14

For hot spring bathing wastewater treatment PAC should be selected flotation process for hot spring bathing wastewater treatment PAC should be selected flotation process in hot spring bath wastewater containing impurities such as: sediment particles, crude oil, hair, etc. . For such water quality generally PAC and other flocculants. Bathing wastewater treatment process includes coagulation, filtration, ozone oxidation, activated carbon adsorption of the unit processing, so that the quality of discharged water can meet the reuse requirements, and finally by measuring the value to determine the results. Bath special efficient aluminum chloride, is an inorganic polymer coagulant, mainly for purified drinking water, water is also used for special water treatment, except iron, in addition to cadmium, fluoride, in addition to radioactive pollution, in addition to floating Oil and so on. Solid products are white or light yellow powder, liquid product is light yellow transparent or translucent liquid, no precipitation. Flotation treatment of hot spring bathing wastewater: Flotation method is a combination of electro-coagulation flocculation flotation technology, the mechanism of its treatment of bathing wastewater is to be treated bathing wastewater into a large number of dense micro-bubbles, make it with impurities, floc The particles adhere to each other to form a float whose overall specific gravity is less than that of water so as to float on the surface of the water by buoyancy. Most of the flotation is for second-level biological treatment of the depth of treatment, the most common industry is now for oil-based oil after the oil replenishment. Flotation method can be effectively used for the concentration of activated sludge; removal of suspended impurities in sewage. Fluorinated aluminum flotation effect is better, especially part of the reflux dissolved gas flotation method, both full reflux, full dissolved air flotation process advantages, compared with the air-flotation method with a large amount of sewage treatment, treatment effect High characteristics. In the wastewater treatment process, the PAC coagulation method is often used in water plants, which is an indispensable and important part of the combined flocculation and air-floatation technology. It can not only reduce the turbidity and color of the wastewater, but also remove the wastewater In a large number of organic matter and suspended solids. POLYMERIC ALUMINUM USAGE Method Dissolve the solid product in 1: 3 water to make a liquid, then dilute it with water 10-30 times to the desired concentration. Hot spring bathing wastewater treatment using polyaluminium chloride as coagulant, without changing the water temperature and pH value of the wastewater, after orthogonal test validation, according to coagulation primary and secondary factors to determine the better value of each factor. This information is provided by http://www.gyzhenyu.com Source filtering water purification materials plant, if reprinted, please indicate the future!