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2017-12-13 14:41:08

Aluminum gray acid soluble one-step preparation of polyaluminium chloride Notes on the operation Aluminum-acid one-step preparation of polyaluminum aluminum Precautions 1. Explosion-proof safety measures Explosion-proof safety measures are very important. The reaction site should be well ventilated, no pyrotechnics, electrical and lighting equipment should be explosion-proof products; some aluminum ash in the reaction, spontaneous combustion phenomenon, which although no adverse impact on product quality, but should consider the appropriate plant fire, explosion, Anti-static, lightning protection measures. 2. Avoid a large number of volatile hydrogen chloride If the reaction before the preparation of hydrochloric acid concentration is too high, or too early or too early to add too much or too much aluminum, the reaction is often too intense, resulting in a large number of hydrogen chloride gas, not only to deteriorate the environment, but also easy to precipitate from the product hydroxide Aluminum, reduce product quality. Hydrochloric acid concentration should be based on the quality of aluminum, the size of the reaction vessel, cooling conditions and other factors to be adjusted. 3. The amount of water during the appropriate reaction, especially in the early stage of reaction, water loss greater, if a substantial reduction in water, the reaction will be over-excited, not only increase the amount of acid volatilization, and may cause the product all the failure, it should be promptly Add water. However, adding too much water, will make the acid concentration is low. The reaction is not easy to carry out, so the finished PH value, the basicity of the salt and the alumina content can not reach the product standard. 4.PH value control PH value of the reaction system is an important indicator of product production control, PH value is too high product stability and water purification effect is reduced, the PH value is too low, poor water purification effect. 5. Reaction Time Control The reaction period can be controlled at about 24h, the time is too short, the product is not mature curing, water purification effect is reduced.