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High purity poly aluminum chloride products have been widely used

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2017-12-13 14:41:04

High purity Poly aluminum chloride products have been widely used In recent years, polyaluminium chloride at home and abroad is the rapid development of fine chemical products. This depends mainly on its efficient flocculants in water treatment. Our factory research and development of high-purity aluminum chloride in the general based on the enhanced aluminum chloride capture, stay, enhance performance, products have been fully affirmed at home and abroad customers. Filter water purification of high purity aluminum chloride in the paper industry, mainly used as titrant, anion capture agent, retention aid, enhancer and so on. Can increase the tensile strength and surface smoothness of the paper. Purification of the filter water Purified aluminum chloride Daily Chemical: As a cationic surfactant, can be used for shampoo, hair gel, moisturizing cream, soap and other daily cosmetics, can reduce the hair comb resistance. For dry hair, but also increase the moisture of the hair, so that hair is no longer rough, feel more supple. In addition, added to the skin care cool, you can reduce the greasy paste, so that the skin has moisturizing and flexibility. Used in the soap industry, can significantly reduce the expansion of soap in water to improve its resistance to cracking and foaming. At present, domestic production process of polyaluminium chloride mostly intermittent production, serious pollution, low utilization of raw materials, product quality is unstable, the development of efficient continuous production technology has been ready. Purification of the filter source of high-purity aluminum chloride has been widely used in the field of textile printing and dyeing in the washing, acrylic, polypropylene, nylon and polyester wool, polyester-cotton and other textile fibers in the process of static elimination and finishing after printing and dyeing.