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Summer high temperature affect the use of polyaluminium chloride effect?

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2017-12-13 14:41:03

Summer high temperature affect the use of polyaluminium chloride effect? Summer has come to our side when we are not aware of it, and the demand for water is also multiplied several times in hot weather. At this time of domestic sewage began to increase continuously, the amount of domestic sewage needs to be treated also continue to increase, of course, the best treatment of domestic sewage polyaluminium chloride. Hot summer weather, some people will ask, will affect the use of high temperatures in summer PACA effect? In order to dispel the users' doubts, the expert team of the filter water purification plant specially tests the products of the summer high temperature reactor polyaluminum chloride. The conclusion shows that the high temperature in summer has no effect on the use effect of the polyaluminum chloride products. And according to the expert of filtration water purification, the main reason that affects the using effect of PAC is the PH value of water. When the PH value is about 7, the coagulation effect is the best, and the impurities in the wastewater and the need to deal with The concentration of water will also affect the treatment effect. When adding water treatment agent when the effective and rapid mixing can better make the product play a better use of effect. Filter water purification experts conducted product experiments and found that the temperature in summer can give full play to the effect of the product more conducive to PAC flocculation. Therefore concluded that high temperatures in summer not only can not affect the use of polyaluminum chloride, but also to better use of products.