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The effect of poly ferric sulfate remove phosphorus

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2017-11-05 14:06:19

Industrial effluents, agricultural effluents and waste water from everyday life can cause serious damage to the natural environment, especially in industrial effluent polymerization of ferric sulphate, in which rich phosphorus accelerates the growth of organisms such as algae and bacteria, if it is directly discharged To the river water will cause serious pollution, affecting the normal ecological environment. If you want to avoid this kind of situation, you have to deal with the sewage and remove the phosphorus in the water.

Phosphate wastewater treatment methods are mainly three kinds, one is the biological phosphorus removal, the use of polyphosphate bacteria and denitrifying bacteria phosphorus removal principle, the general can remove about 70% of the phosphorus, the basic can meet the emission standards; One is the adsorption and removal of phosphorus, the cheap natural materials, activated alumina and industrial waste made of highly efficient adsorbent, the removal of phosphorus in sewage have a good effect, and low cost, for this study is currently An important direction of development; there is a chemical phosphorus removal, the use of chemical agents and sewage phosphorus in the chemical reaction of precipitation, which remove the phosphorus in sewage, the sewage purification effect.

Polymeric ferric sulfate is the more common method of phosphorus removal, compared with ferric chloride and ferric sulfate, the use of polymeric ferric sulfate is more economical and more efficient, and polymeric ferric sulfate is a new type of high quality inorganic polymer flocculant, not only Good coagulation, and settling speed, used to remove phosphorus can reduce the total phosphorus in sewage, but also can reduce the input of foreign aid phosphorus. And unlike other methods of chemical phosphorus removal, polyferric sulfate does not contain chlorine, aluminum and heavy metal ions and other harmful substances, can be a good purification of water, is non-toxic and harmless phosphorus removal methods.