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Many problems of cationic polyacrylamide

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2021-06-28 16:40:45

At present, the available water resources in the world are very limited, and China is a region with a considerable lack of water resources, especially in recent years, the domestic water pollution is serious, so it has become a basic national policy of our country to protect water resources and control water pollution. Polyacrylamide is of great significance in the treatment of water pollution.


Polyacrylamide can be divided into cationic type, anionic type and non-ionic type according to its ionic property. Among them, cationic polyacrylamide has the most obvious and excellent flocculation effect in wastewater treatment. At present, the domestic production technology of high component cationic polyacrylamide is backward, and the product structure is single, which can not meet the needs of social production. Therefore, it also brings many challenges and development prospects to the manufacturers of cationic polyacrylamide.


When cationic polyacrylamide is used, the water temperature will have a great influence on its flocculation effect. When the water temperature is 2 ℃, the flocculation effect is very poor. When the water temperature is below 1 ℃, the flocculation effect will disappear completely. At the same time, the pH value of the treated wastewater has an obvious effect on the flocculation of cationic polyacrylamide, which will be greatly reduced in the strong acid and alkali environment. In the treatment of some sewage containing large particles, the flocculation effect is also very poor.


Therefore, in the actual sewage treatment, we should do a good job of sewage treatment according to the test effect of sewage combined with the external environment, so as to reduce the unnecessary waste of products.