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Some points for attention of polyaluminum chloride in swimming pool water purification

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2021-06-24 09:23:24

Polyaluminium chloride can be used to purify swimming pool water, but it has strict requirements for the quality of polyaluminum chloride. Generally, it is necessary to choose spray water level polyaluminum chloride to use. This not only has good effect, but also ensures people's safety and health in the swimming pool.


The type of polyaluminum chloride was determined, and some matters needing attention in the application of polyaluminum chloride in swimming pool water treatment were also noted. Swimming pools are mostly used in summer, and many of them are open-air. Therefore, the use of polyaluminum chloride in the treatment of swimming pool water needs to pay attention to several aspects.


First of all, the pH value of swimming pool water will drop due to the influence of people or weather and rain. With the rain and other factors, some bacteria, dust, algae and so on will be produced in the water, which will affect the purification effect of polyaluminum chloride. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the swimming pool water, and then add polyaluminum chloride for water treatment. When using polyaluminum chloride, the dosage of polyaluminum chloride has a direct impact on the treatment effect of swimming pool water. When polyaluminum chloride is used in a small amount, the flocculation effect is poor and the water purification effect cannot be achieved. When polyaluminum chloride is used in a large amount, a large amount of precipitation and floating phenomenon will occur. Due to the higher temperature in summer, the change of water temperature will also have an impact on the use of polyaluminum chloride. Therefore, in summer, the appropriate temperature is generally selected after the end of the swimming pool at night.


Polyaluminum chloride is very suitable for water treatment in swimming pools. It only needs 5 to 10 kg of polyaluminum chloride per 1000 cubic meters of water, which is not only effective, but also economical.