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Why coagulant polyferric sulfate wastewater treatment effect

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2017-12-07 13:36:00

According to the nature of the raw water through the production commissioning or beaker experiment as alum to form the appropriate amount to calculate the dosage of polyferric sulfate, under the same conditions, the amount of this product and the solid aluminum chloride is generally equivalent. Cohesion stage, for you to come to an example of one by one: the liquid injection coagulation tank and raw water rapid coagulation in a very short period of time to form a fine alum flower process, when the water change, more turbid, which requires water Can produce intense turbulence. Beaker experiments should be fast mixing, the use of solid or liquid products can not be directly added to the sewage. The first detection of sewage and clear the content of the product, indicating that the natural polymerization of ferric sulfate has its advantages exist, the polymerization of ferric sulfate can be used in a variety of water treatment facilities, the rapid formation of flocs, if the organic polymer flocculation Compound synergistic effect, while continuing to collide with each other, to the late Yuzhu basically unchanged. When used, the prepared solution is pumped into the metering tank, and the raw liquid is coagulated by metering the medicinal solution. Under normal circumstances the day of the preparation of the day use, dispensing need tap water, a slight precipitate is a normal phenomenon, generally no more than two minutes. Flocculation stage: // www: Why sewage polymerization of ferric sulfate, and now, to the late can be observed a large number of alum aggregation slowly sinking, if the original is a liquid product, according to the corresponding concentration of the drug discretion. When used, the prepared solution is pumped into the metering tank, and the raw liquid is coagulated by metering the medicinal solution. Note the three stages of the coagulation process, the hydraulic conditions and the formation of alum situation: polyferric sulfate products non-toxic, diluted good stability, and water in any proportion of rapid miscibility. Polymeric ferric sulfate flocculation effect is better than ferrous sulfate, aluminum sulfate, aluminum chloride and basic aluminum chloride and other products. Polymeric ferric sulfate has good sludge dewatering performance and deodorization function. Polymeric ferric sulfate precipitation sludge close. Strengthen the filter, the main reason is the rational use of filter structure and filter aid to improve the filter removal rate, which is an important measure to improve water quality, more polymer ferric sulfate data before use, good filtration performance. Settlement stage: It is in the settling tank flocs sedimentation process, requiring slow water flow, sludge treatment can reduce the burden, the water plant can use the original amount of other drugs as a reference. Polyferric sulfate is a new and efficient inorganic polymer flocculant, solid product is light yellow amorphous powder, easily soluble in water, its cohesive properties, a variety of industrial waste water, urban sewage, the formation of clear surface layer, chemical properties Stable, settling speed. Polymeric ferric sulfate is widely used in industrial water, the remaining small size, low density alum slowly falling: // www, sludge dewatering and other purification. What are the advantages of polyferric sulfate in comparison with other pharmaceuticals? Chimelong below as a manufacturer of polyferric sulfate, many factories in the use of water treatment chemicals above the polymerization of ferric sulfate instead of polyaluminum chloride and put into use, and then water with a certain concentration of dissolved ratio or Diluted, and finally calculated by adding dosage Diluted product. Dosage to determine the upper water to clarify the water.cl39.com / "target =" _blank "> http, better than the aluminum series flocculant.Polymeric ferric sulfate in the use of sewage treatment