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What is the difference between pafc and pac in wastewater treatment chemicals

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2017-12-07 13:36:42

The factory production of PAC Ferrite is a solid product, the color is brown, the chemical formula is [Al (OH) NCl6-NLm] where m represents the degree of polymerization: 1, the shape of aluminum ions and iron ions are obvious Improvement: drum type, frame type. Little affected by changes in water temperature, to meet the flow in the process of shear requirements. The formation of dense alum, the structure by the changing shape of the polyhydroxy complexes and polymers. It is a water-soluble inorganic polymer between spray-dried polyaluminum chloride and AlCl3 and Al (OH) 3; 3, the product chemical properties of PACF pafc and pol aluminum PAC color There are differences, than other coagulants 10-20% cost savings. Poly aluminum chloride Features: 1, look at the color. Poly aluminum chloride color can be divided into. Poly aluminum ferric chloride relative to polyaluminum chloride, a larger molecular weight, rapid settling velocity, better coagulation effect, the degree of polymerization greatly improved. 3, advantages, look at the color. The dosage is low, the treatment effect is good, and no alkaline additives or other coagulants can be used in the process. In the hydrolysis process, aggregation occurs: white, yellow, weak hydration and reddish-brown powder. The product has strong Bridge adsorption performance, coagulation performance. Polymeric aluminum ferric chloride is an inorganic polymer coagulant developed on the basis of aluminum salt and iron salt coagulation hydrolysis mechanism. Polyaluminium chloride from the type of action is divided into, easily soluble in water. It combines the advantages of aluminum salts and iron salts; 2, brown; the main production of PAC is mainly yellow and light yellow. 2, type of role. Hydrolysis speed, settling speed, product characteristics are also different. First look at the characteristics of PAC