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PH value of PAC coagulation have any effect

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2017-12-07 13:36:42

Polyaluminum chloride coagulation mechanism and the solution PH value Water alkalinity influence Aggregation of the main elements Suspended particle content Flocculation, coagulation stage are affected by the use of adsorption or electric coagulation coagulant dosing amount of suspended particles than the amount of dosage to make the colloidal system Charge sign stable deposit settling nets required coagulant dosing amount inversely proportional to the concentration of suspended particles and is now stable according to the water content of suspended solids caused by four kinds of processing types: high content of suspended solids low alkalinity adding coagulation Agent System Acid Hydrolyzate Mainly Charged Adsorption and Electrocoagulation AlPH value should be between 6-7 Suspension content and alkalinity both Alkalinity Alkali Polychlorinated aluminum coagulant Additive Alkaline coagulant Hydrolyzate Mainly with negative electrical energy Adsorption electrical coagulation as the use of sediment net capture need to add enough coagulant or polyaluminum chloride and other effects Suspended solids content Low alkalinity High coagulant Hydrolyzate mainly with negative charge Therefore, the use of settling analysis network trap coagulation for coagulant dosage and the concentration of suspended solids need to add coagulant (silicic acid, clay particles, etc.) Increasing colloidal colloidal particles corresponding to reduce the concentration of coagulant dosage Suspended solids content and alkalinity are low difficult Physiological conditions Polyaluminum chloride coagulant shaped Charged hydrolysates Suspended particles are too low Collision concentrator is rarely difficult to reach Effective coagulation is often used to increase the alkalinity or suspended solids concentration turbidity to make it into the type of water for processing Polychlorinated biphenyls Aluminum used in the pH range is wider than the traditional aluminum salt Low-temperature water Traditional coagulant coagulant Turbidimetric significantly reduced the efficiency and lead to deterioration of water quality Using aluminum on the low-temperature warm water can be coagulation Turbid effect Poly aluminum chloride Can significantly improve the efficiency of solid-liquid separation to improve sedimentation filter and sludge dewatering performance shorten the sedimentation tank to increase between the stoppage of water In addition due to the flocculation of particles close and easy to filter sludge dehydration aluminum chloride water residual aluminum content of ten Poly aluminum chloride The actual use of process only with a strong condensate turbidity removal and obvious bleaching and humus-like treatment of the same conditions up to good flocculation effect of the required dosage of aluminum to reduce the traditional aluminum dosage of half the same conditions to reduce the use of aluminum can be more than the traditional aluminum Lower residual turbidity lower dose the same treatment of alkali aluminum chloride high dosage of less adaptability and strong dissolution rate fast precipitation speed; energy efficiency in addition to metal and release Shoot material water quality flocculation shape rapid precipitation speed reaction between the shorten the corresponding conditions to increase the production capacity of several times Alkali aluminum chloride treatment of papermaking, printing and dyeing wastewater surface unique performance and other dosage of alkali aluminum chloride coagulation Consumption of water alkalinity at A variety of machine coagulant treatment water alkalinity reduction less treatment water special treatment of high concentration of water or less with alkaline additives and coagulant bleaching ability better than its machine water purifier basic aluminum chloride dosage : The specific amount of dosage determined by the user actual test; basic polyaluminum chloride storage period should be ventilated and dry place damp effect of the use of the current use of polymeric ferric sulfate instead of polyaluminum chloride or alkali aluminum wastewater coagulation use reference http://www.cl39.com hope to adopt