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Are the same raw materials used to produce drinking-grade PACs and industrial grade products?

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2017-12-07 13:36:42

Do not leave the phone and factory name, in fact, are not reached, the main indicator of aluminum oxide content can be achieved, lead arsenic mercury is not excessive, but the price is indeed much higher. Strictly speaking, if not strictly required, and material suppliers are now largely discontinued, the same raw materials are used by the manufacturer for cost reasons, namely: the use of virgin pulp after the reaction Frame filter press filter, so that most of the insolubles can be disposed of. The other part of the heavy metal content has also been exceeded The benefits of doing so, so that the PAC in the treatment of water, the active ingredient is greatly increased the composition of aluminum oxide. The most obvious belongs to hexavalent chromium; other heavy metal residue is estimated they do not know too super (Gongyi City Bureau of Technical Supervision show that the test report does not exceed the standard, and some exceed the standard to meet the national standard of dozens of times In fact, you know the true result). Our factory purchased a batch of deep-processed raw materials from Chongqing and the sole raw material supplier in China. The main indexes of water treatment meet or exceed the national standard, and the cost has not increased too much. Raw materials used in calcium and bauxite are naturally obtained by firing flour, it is recommended to use ordinary raw materials produced through the frame filter press polyaluminium chloride. Cheap, hydrochloric acid is a by-product, the downside is that there is no strict control of raw materials, heavy metal residues. The really produced raw materials (calcium powder, bauxite, hydrochloric acid) that are suitable for the production of polymeric aluminum chloride that meets the national standard of drinking water should go through deep processing. After removing all kinds of heavy metals in the production of polyaluminum chloride, and raw materials on the market almost no deep processing of domestic manufacturers, so almost no production of aluminum chloride in line with the national standard drinking water. Now a lot of manufacturers announced that they can produce fully meet the national standard 15892-2009 GB of PAC. Produced to achieve the full GB level of drinking water, the effect of treatment of water are used up the same. Handmade code, to adopt. To avoid advertising suspects. But this did not deal with some of the heavy metals carried in raw materials