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PAC PAC concentration solution is more appropriate for the preparation of the concentration

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2017-12-07 13:36:41

According to the daily use of solid polyaluminum chloride PAC, usually with 2 to 5% with well as with 3% solution, diluted into liquid, the share of commonly used several PAC PAC concentration ratio method, We help! The first step, according to the raw water conditions, before using a small test to get the best dose. [1] The second step, when the production of PAC PAC small solution configuration by weight ratio W / W): Poly aluminum chloride PAC solid 3g, into the 200ml graduated cylinder, add about 50ml of water to be dissolved and then diluted with water to 100ml scale, shake well, polyaluminum PAC PAC solid: water = 1: 9 to 1:15 by weight ratio of the solution can be dissolved. Alumina content of less than 1% of the solution is easy to hydrolysis, will reduce the use of effect, the concentration is too high difficult to dosing uniform polyaluminum chloride PAC concentration ratio method