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How aluminum chloride into aluminum step

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2017-12-07 13:36:40

AlCl3 is not molten state, you can not use the electrolysis of AlCl3 step Al industrial use of electrolytic melting Al2O3 preparation of Al simple substance. The reaction is as follows, the reaction is as follows: MgCl2 (melting) = electrolysis = Mg + Cl2 ↑ [2] AlCl3 molecular crystal, but will not melt [1] MgCl2 is ionic crystals, melting point is high. In the industrial use of electrolytic melting of MgCl2 to prepare metal Mg, the melting point is very low: one can be obtained by electrolysis melting MgCl2 MgAlCl3 has no molten state. And the boiling point is lower than the melting point, then AlCl3 will sublimate by heating: 2Al2O3 (melting) = electrolysis = 2Al + 3O2 ↑ [comprehensive]