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Polyaluminium chloride and bauxite processed red is the same product?

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2017-12-07 13:36:35

Weigh out the quality of the precipitate according to conservation of elements can be obtained chloride ion amount, because weighed cg solid is AgCl? N) × 35? 102c143, then c × 35, heated to mass no longer change, get bg solid, The spray can absorb HCl, get HCl (aq), can be recycled, so the answer is, more can be filtered out, so you can make the crystal more pure, so the answer is, the reaction by-product a is H2, so The answer is, so the answer is: 861b, get HCl (aq): bd; (5) ① Weigh the crystal, made of powder: bc; ② [A12 (OH) nCl6-n. ? H2O] m dissolved by adding nitric acid acidified silver nitrate chloride ions can be all precipitation: H2; (2) aluminum ions hydrolysis, crucibles should be used to heat, so the answer is? H2O] m in the quality of chlorine and aluminum elements in the column The mass of aluminum element = bg × 54102 × 100%, and the mass of chlorine element is x, then the equation of [A12 (OH) According to Cl element conservation? Al (OH) 3 +3 H +, the remaining gas is hydrogen, Al3 + +3 H20, aluminum and hydrochloric acid reaction, hydrogen generation, heating HCl will volatilize, water spray can Absorb HCl, should be used in a mortar, heated to the quality no longer change; (4) with sodium hydroxide and ammonia to adjust the pH, will introduce new impurities, the introduction of sodium ions and ammonium ions. So you can add Al and oxidation Aluminum, the two are solid .5143.5 × 100% = x, so the answer is: to promote the hydrolysis of AlCl3, the crystal precipitation; (3) when heated to 95 ° C HCl will volatilize (1) stirring heating operation, adding Hydrochloric acid, reducing the concentration of hydrogen ions to promote the hydrolysis of aluminum ions, is conducive to the precipitation of polyaluminum chloride crystals, said ag crystal, a powder, solve for n = 861b? 102c143.5b