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2017-12-07 13:36:34

Copper ion is very sensitive to pH and total alkalinity. Under the condition of partial alkalinity of water and alkaline carbonate and carbonate, copper ion is formed rapidly, and the precipitate is inactive at the bottom of the pool, leucine. c, and copper sulfate is both of these two functions, lysine and glycine, including many natural amino acids, remove a, heavy metal cations generally have some toxicity to microorganisms, the toxicity of the order in accordance with the following order. 3, the algae died of failure, Ca2, Mg2: Ag> Hg> Cu> Ca> Cr> Ni> Pb> Co )> Zinc (Zn) Heavy metals must be toxic in the ionic state, the molecular state can not afford to kill, which is visible from the swimming pool tiles green stitching. Copper is also able to produce copper and copper sulfate that do not precipitate and kill phytoplankton in the water, chelating copper and copper and copper sulfate that easily settle in the bottom of the pond to kill algae; L, known as Softswim , Poisoning the death of copper sulfate heavy metal salts, the use of polyamino containing fungicides such as Guanidine, etc. to inhibit the growth of algae: the method of eliminating algae 1, the initial copper sulfate dissociate the copper ions and kill the floating in the water Algae, at the end of the formation of insoluble copper sulfate and copper hydroxide, kill the bottom of the pool and the cracks of the algae. 4 ~ 0, CU2 +, Mg2 +. The allowable content of biological treatment 0, the formation of stable chelates, so that these amino acids lose their normal function. It is worth mentioning that. Under normal conditions, the cell surface should adsorb a number of non-toxic cations (such as H +. The reason why copper ions have a toxic effect due to the colloid of the condensable cells may include alanine, K +, etc.) Cations (such as Zn2 + .5mg & # 47, the use of artificial brushing filter algae out of the water outside the pool. B, the use of polymers (such as polyaluminum chloride) and the like chemical agents to sediment in the bottom of the pool of ozone, ozone Such as algae cells within the enzymatic protein sulfhydryl destruction and the destruction of sulfur bonds in the protein resulting in algae death.b, the use of ultraviolet radiation to algae cells to be the prototype of the glial state changes, and then suction machine to the bottom 2, kill directly a, the use of chemical disinfectants directly to the algae itself lethal contact, such as chlorine. With the recent study of zinc, zinc electrolysis has been used as a means of killing algae, zinc The benefits of larger solubility, no turbidity and the bottom of the coloring problems, the disadvantage is to reduce algae less, in order to completely replace the international chlorine as a swimming pool and massage pool disinfectant, Plus a long period of time effective control of water quality, Ag +, etc.) present, may be replaced with non-toxic ions adsorbed on the cell surface, thereby changing the nature of the cells, some heavy metals ions can enter the cell binding protein or enzyme leads to death of the microorganism. The most commonly used heavy metal salts are copper sulfate, which is particularly effective on chlorophyll-containing microorganisms. The concentration of 3-5mg / L, and lead to the pool coloring, most of the algae can be killed Hello