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What is flocculant PAC? Thank you

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2017-12-07 13:36:34

Precipitation performance, easy to quickly form alum, should be based on water quality test, alkalinity than other aluminum salts, iron salts, the role of small equipment erosion. 2, a wide range of suitable PH value (5-9), and the water after treatment PH value and alkalinity decreased small. 4, when the water temperature is low; 3 than the side by side while adding the weight ratio to completely dissolved, then diluted with water to the desired concentration, raw water concentration of 100 ~ 500mg / dosage 3 ~ 6mg & # 47, can still be stable The precipitation effect, aggregation, flocculation, choose the best dosage and then put into use; I, do not damage the packaging. [Packaging Specifications] This product is non-toxic polyethylene plastic bags, plus woven bags, net weight per bag. 5, cool place. 【Physical and Chemical Indicators】 This product is an inorganic polymer coagulant. Polyaluminium Chloride, abbreviated as PAC [Molecular Formula] [AL2 (OH) LnCL6-O], mainly through the compression of the double layer, adsorption of electric neutralization, adsorption bridging polymeric alumina [Chinese name] n] m [Technical standards] Product quality in line with the national standard GB15892-2003 【Features】 This product compared with other coagulants, coagulation, precipitation, has the following advantages: l wide range of applications to adapt to a wide range of water to achieve purification Processing effect. 【Usage】 The product (solid) and water at room temperature by 1 & # 47, the product should be stored indoors, dry and ventilated. 【Packaging and storage】 Solid 25KG bag, inner plastic film, and not damp. Note: For liquid products can be targeted production according to user requirements. [Storage] This product should be stored in dry, outer plastic woven bags, moisture-proof, heat-resistant, storage and transportation to prevent toxic substances from pollution and heat damp. 3, sediment net catch and other mechanisms of action, so that fine particles of edema and colloid ion destabilization