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How to use polyaluminum chloride home water well

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2017-12-07 13:36:33

The bottom of the floc aggregation, water quality worse, low turbidity, dosage can be reduced, according to water quality test, add water diluted to the required concentration, raw water concentration 100 ~ 500mg & # 47, both clean and sanitary . The use of polyaluminum chloride can not be handled in one operation, and the flocculated sediment is still in the well for a long time, which is not easy. Because the well water used continuously is dynamic, dosage is appropriately increased. Polyaluminum chloride should be extracted after treatment; when the dosage is 3 ~ 6mg / L that is thrown per thousand tons of water is 3-6kg Specific dosing, raw water turbidity is high, the PAC (solid) And water at room temperature by 1/3 weight ratio while stirring dosing until completely dissolved after the use of PAC household net wells, select the best dosage and then put into use