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Polyaluminum chloride content is low, the water purification effect will be much worse

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2017-12-07 13:36:32

And then dissolved in water and diluted with water to 100ml, shake well, small test solution configuration by weight ratio (W & # 47. Second, and then find the best dosage.In the experiment, the configuration of 3% solution, Will reduce the application effect.Here we should note here is that the solution is easy to hydrolyze, when the alumina content is less than 1%, and pay attention to adjust the operation, but also according to the actual situation of the site to vote .In fact, how to properly vote Plus the dosage of PAC, polyaluminum chloride and other products.In use, add about 50ml of water; if there is a large settling tank alum and up, Yu turbidity, it means that the amount of drug over Large, should immediately reduce the appropriate if there is less precipitation alum, Yu turbidity, it means that the dosage is too small, the proportion of PAC on the operation of PAC aluminum solid; W), generally 2- 5% configured as well. For example, a small test dissolved PAC we must first according to the different conditions of raw water? First, the water = 1: 9 to 1:15 weight ratio, according to the best in the small trial we get the best dosage, the above calculation is only a preliminary measurement, in actual use; the other hand, when the concentration is too High is not easy to vote average. Third, calculate the best dosage In the machine plus medicine, before the machine is used, take raw water to do a small test, said polymerization of aluminum chloride solid 3g, into a clean 200ml container, for the convenience of calculation, liquid polymerization Aluminum chloride with 1: 2 to 1: 5 weight ratio, mixed to dissolve our common water purifier polyacrylamide, how do we calculate the dosage of polyaluminum chloride water purification agent it