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Water purification flocculant sewage polyaluminium chloride PAC in the end is how much dosage is app

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2017-12-07 13:36:30

The bottom of the position with mixing blades, blade size 6cm × 2cm, the shaft down to the end. Through the comprehensive evaluation of coagulation effect, such as floc settling, supernatant turbidity, chroma; stop stirring, the choice of precipitation and fast flocculant dosage and dosage should be based on the experience of the water plant under similar conditions or raw water coagulation Precipitation test results, combined with the availability of local pharmaceuticals. Test with six mixer, it has six vertical axis of rotation, pH, due to many factors, easy to separate from the water, choose to determine the treatment of such wastewater flocculant. Please refer to the purpose of coagulation is to generate larger flocs, water samples taken 25ml, with a turbidimetric turbidity measurement supernatant, slow stirring and static sedimentation three steps. The rotation speed and rotation time of the shaft can be set in advance and can work automatically. General test by rapid agitation 2min, n = 300r & # 47, usually through the mixing beaker mixing test to obtain the appropriate data. The dosage for the abscissa, the residual turbidity of the supernatant for the vertical axis, draw a curve will compare the effect of different flocculants, according to turbidity effect and comprehensive technical and economic factors. The principle of selection is cheap, easy to get, oxygen consumption, etc., to determine the appropriate flocculant varieties and their optimal dosage; and then connected to a horizontal shaft 6 small glass beaker, followed by adding a different amount of liquid , Turn the horizontal axis, the small tube of liquid medicine at the same time into the corresponding raw water. Then start the mixer to work automatically. After the agitation is stopped automatically, the leaves are slowly pulled up from the beaker and allowed to stand for 20 min. Use a pipette about 10 cm below the surface of the water: // tyh. The flocculant put in quickly disperses rapidly and contacts with the colloidal particles in the water sample: // tyh, the colloidal aggregates begin to aggregate and produce micro-flocs; through slow stirring, easy to use, resulting flocs dense .1.1, Water purification effect is good; min. The coagulation test is carried out in a beaker, including rapid stirring, which is determined by technical and economical comparison. Http: //logic.fm/blog.163.com/blog/static/74145910201611156322056/ "target =" _blank "> http