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Polyaluminium chloride and PAM polyacrylamide use the same?

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2017-12-07 13:35:58

That 1 kg of water inside the vote 1g of polyacrylamide solution (dissolved reagent water for tap water or purified water) 2 dissolution time 8-1h.3 dosing agent dosage of the agent in accordance with certain Of the percentage of dosing, the specific amount of sewage concentration and processing standards to determine polyacrylamide Usage: 1. Dissolution ratio. Poly aluminum chloride use .5 h.3. Dosing agent. The dosage of this agent according to certain The specific amount according to the sewage concentration and processing standards to be: 1 polyacrylamide dissolution ratio of one thousandth of this agent stirring to dissolve time 40-50min, standing dissolving time 2-2. Dissolution Proportion of dissolved aluminum chloride is five percent, that is, 1 kg of water inside the cast add 50g of polyaluminum chloride dissolved (dissolved pharmaceutical water or tap water) 2. Dissolution time. Pharmacy mixing Dissolving time is 5-10min, standing dissolving time is 0