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How to Improve the Dissolution and Reaction Rate of Polyaluminum Chloride

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2017-12-07 13:36:28

Polyaluminum chloride liquid products to adapt to the PH value range of 5.0-9.0, the best PH value of 6.5-7.6, the product can be added directly or diluted 10 times after dosing, greater impact on the flocculation effect, the solution temperature Only affects the degree of ripening of polyaluminum chloride. However, in winter, the charge matching of the flocculant is higher. In the case of low temperatures, and appropriate to raise the water temperature of sewage to be treated. Try to comply with the principle of adding a small number of times, the relative temperature at 30 degrees, polyaluminium chloride dispersed flocculation effect is much better than low temperature, solid product diluted 5-10% liquid dosing, favorable uniform mixing, the effect is good, The diluted solution is best used within 4-8 hours. We all know that polyaluminium chloride treatment of sewage, sewage and sludge temperature on the effectiveness of sewage treatment have a great relationship, the selection is relatively wider. Sludge or sewage temperature, sludge dependence on pharmaceuticals is not strong, cold weather in northern China, winter and spring water temperature can be reduced to 0 ~ 2 ℃, the water temperature in winter affect the water treatment effect of many factors is crucial , The dissolution ratio is 5% -10%, so the solution should be configured to increase the water temperature. Low temperature on the rate of hydrolysis of coagulant pay a lot, low temperature to slow the hydrolysis reaction of polyaluminum chloride to dissolve at room temperature