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Polyaluminium chloride in the sewage treatment process what role

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2017-12-07 13:36:25

The formation of flocs fast, rapid settling velocity, than aluminum sulfate and other traditional products processing capacity, so as to achieve the purpose of water treatment, the notable feature is the price is not high, flocculation and sedimentation speed, to adapt to a wide range of pH, water consumption alkalinity below A variety of inorganic coagulant, salt water treatment less increase, the use of polyaluminum chloride purified water better than aluminum sulfate coagulant .0-9. b. e.0 range can be condensed. g, compared with 15-30% lower cost of water purification, water purification effect is obvious, powerful, less corrosive, good operating conditions. f, better solubility than aluminum sulfate, the National Science and Technology and other national research departments jointly recommended high-performance aluminum chloride: a, which can not cast or less alkali solution. d, adapted to the source of water PH5, widely used in drinking water, industrial water and sewage treatment areas, the specific performance characteristics are as follows. c polyaluminum chloride is a widely used flocculant, almost all sewage treatment to be used in the water treatment process is mainly used as flocculation precipitant, is conducive to ion exchange treatment and high purity water. h, the adaptability of raw water temperature is better than inorganic coagulant such as aluminum sulfate. For more information, please search Fidelity polyaluminum chloride website