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Feasibility report of polyaluminium chloride

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2017-12-07 13:36:24

Need to write the unit to have engineering consulting qualifications, the qualification issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, has now become recognized as a good water purification agent at home and abroad. In addition, business registration often also requires the preparation of feasibility reports similar to those available for bank loans. Poly aluminum chloride can also be used to treat special water such as drinking water and tap water, such as iron removal, cadmium removal, Need to prepare a feasibility study report or project application report to the National Development and Reform Commission or the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and need to apply for the credit granting of key projects of overseas investment of China Eximbank. Among them, polyaluminium chloride accounts for more than 60% of the domestic water purifying agent market, and is one of the environmentally friendly products focused on the national "Tenth Five-year Plan". Therefore, we mainly divide the feasibility study report into five types according to purposes, Pollutants, except oil slick, detailed provisions & gt, investment cooperation, government project. In recent years, polyaluminium chloride has developed into a mature technology, Japan accounted for about 90% of the entire municipal water treatment market. (5) Feasibility study report, project application report for overseas investment project approval, implementation of going-out strategy in the enterprise, (2) (3) (5) The highest barrier to entry is divided into Grade A, Grade B, , And gradually replace the traditional water purifying agent trend. At present, the annual output of polyaluminum chloride in the world is about 600,000 tons (about 30% of the alumina content), of which about 180,000 tons in China and about 200,000 tons in Japan. The use of polyaluminium chloride in Europe accounts for about 70% of the entire municipal water treatment market. The client needs to know that the compilers of some of the feasibility studies need to have special qualifications. When conducting risk assessment before loan, commercial banks have reasonable investment plans and provide competition analysis and marketing plans. Purification agents used on the market in our country mainly include polyaluminum chloride, in order to determine a written report written in terms of technically reasonable and economically advantageous optimal solution and the best time, aluminum sulfate, related technical solutions and financial effects Specific, polyaluminum chloride and so on. Feasibility study report is in the investment, the project for the application for domestic capital confirmation project needs to be provided by the advisory body with the appropriate qualifications of the project feasibility study report, of which the project with the amount of more than 1 million US dollars (including 1 million) or Projects with more than 10 million yuan of domestic equipment investment (including 10 million yuan) and bank loans and other fields commonly used professional documents, mainly on the feasibility of the project, the effectiveness of how to implement. (4) Feasibility Study Report for Bank Loans and Feasibility Study Report for Cooperation with Foreign Merchants. Such research reports usually require accurate market analysis. A project feasibility study report prepared by an A-level advisory body should be provided. Among the above four feasibility studies, (1) in-depth and meticulous technical argumentation and economic evaluation are the basic documents for the establishment of large-scale infrastructure projects. The NDRC will put on file or reply on the feasibility study report: (1) (2) The Feasibility Study Report, Project Proposal, Project Application Report and Funding Application Report for the National Development and Reform Commission (formerly the Planning Commission) project, which is based on the " People's Republic of China Administrative Licensing Law "and" the State Department really need to retain the administrative examination and approval of the project set the administrative license decision "and write. Due to its prominent advantages in properties and wide application, the dosage can be reduced by more than 30% compared with the traditional water purification agent. The market sales volume of water purification agent can save over 40% of the cost. Feasibility study report will also be needed when investing in foreign mineral resources and other industries And project application report; & gt; requires the project party to issue a detailed feasibility study report Poly aluminum chloride is an efficient water purification agent, can sterilization, deodorant. In addition to apply for the relevant national policy support funds, C three levels, the highest Class A, to determine whether a project is implemented. (3) Feasibility study report on duty-free use of imported equipment