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When using polyaluminum chloride, the effect of temperature differences on polyaluminum chloride use

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2017-12-05 13:19:40

In different seasons do not breathe temperature are more or less will have a certain impact on the use of polyaluminum chloride. In the north, when the temperature in winter is very low, in order to exert the effect of the water purifying material, it is very difficult to realize it. Therefore, it is necessary to take corresponding measures to ensure that there will be a further guarantee. First, we will introduce Henan Le Bang Water Purifying Technology Limited Polychlorinated aluminum chloride produced by the company is affected by temperature, which is a common phenomenon, which has great influence on low temperature and low turbidity and little effect under high temperature and high turbidity. When the temperature reaches -5 ℃ The time will affect its flocculation effect, where the over-temperature is less affected, the main reason is because the PAC products in the production process is good after drying, but need to pay attention to is too high Temperature will make the moisture in the air deep into the PAC, affecting its use effect. Effect on the polyaluminum chloride effect when the temperature is too low: Many molecular structures change from a very active state to a quiescent state due to the change of temperature. Polyaluminum chloride is also used in this structural analysis Within the scope of its molecular structure at a temperature of 5-20 ℃ when the molecular structure is good for its stability, when the temperature dropped below zero when the slow molecules began to stop activities, which also affected the polyaluminum chloride The direct use of the effect is not good flocculation effect, it is difficult to form alum, and at the same time when the adsorption is not up to the desired adsorption effect, further affecting the precipitation effect, but in winter weather, in many places The temperature will drop below zero. I hope for your great help!