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Polyaluminium chloride is toxic?

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2017-12-05 13:19:11

Poly aluminum chloride is an inorganic polymer. In addition, not all organic matter is poisonous. Aluminum can change the morphology of the cells in the organism. The poisoning of aluminum ions is manifested in three aspects: 1. Toxicity to microorganisms, aluminum has a certain stimulus to soil ammonification bacteria, nitrifying bacteria and denitrifying bacteria under the low mass fraction ; When the mass fraction is high, then the performance of the inhibition, the anaerobic bacteria and aerobic activity in water has an adverse effect, but the ability of microorganisms to repair themselves at a certain concentration of culture for a period of time, microorganisms can produce Aluminum toxicity; 2, animal and plant hazards, aluminum poisoning has become one of the main factors inhibiting plant growth in acid soils, which mainly endanger the plant's roots, thus affecting the crop nutrient and water absorption; aluminum ions Concentrations higher than 0.5mg / L, can make some fish die; 3, aluminum is to some extent beneficial to the human body, it can alleviate some of the poisoning of lead on the human body, but excessive intake of aluminum will be distributed in the human body Liver, stomach, spleen, brain, thyroid and other organs, the formation of premature senility, dementia, anemia and some bone disease, adult daily intake of aluminum should not exceed 35mg. For more details you can consult 13703829888, website: http://www.yxsh1.com