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Compared with the traditional flocculant, billion liters of PAC PAC advantages in what areas

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2017-12-07 13:36:14

Chroma, pH value, oxygen consumption, etc. to determine the appropriate flocculant varieties and their best dosage Six-axis mixer with six vertical axis of rotation at the bottom of its position with stirring blade blade size 6cm × 2cm rotation speed between the rotation axis preset Work-like test according to the rapid mixing 2minn = 300r / min; slow stirring 3minn = 60r & # 47 flocculant dosage should be based on similar conditions or the operation experience of the water plant coagulation and sedimentation test results combined with the supply of pharmaceutical technology through economic comparison to determine the selection principle Cheap, easy to use water purification effect will be dense floc, sedimentation fast; stop agitation gel-shaped aggregates rely on gravity self-settling to the beaker at the bottom of the coagulation effect comprehensive evaluation floc settlement, turbidity; min test 61000mL beaker Add 1L of raw water, put six rotary shaft to move the end of the bottom, easy to water and other coagulation in the more flocculation due to the impact factors compared with Tong Tong coagulation beaker to take the appropriate data test coagulation test beaker, including rapid mixing, slow stirring static settling Three steps into the flocculant quickly dispersed quickly and contact with the water-gel particles began to aggregate coagulation and produce micro-floc; slow-speed mixing micro-flocs to enhance mutual progress More in contact with the particles