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Polyaluminium chloride content of about 20% what is it like?

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2017-12-07 13:36:13

Polyaluminium chloride from the intuitive point of view there are several colors: 1, milky white, alumina content 31, the production process are basically spray-drying type, important for the food industry, but also as an additive. 2, golden yellow, alumina content of 30, the same golden yellow and white, the production process is spray-drying type, such color is mainly used in tap water purification, drinking water purification. 3, brown, khaki, alumina content of about 24, these two are industrial-grade, mostly roller-based production process, the important role of the factory for circulating water flocculation sedimentation. Content with the color relationship, the general wisdom Poly aluminum chloride more than 28%, the color is light yellow, 28% of the yellow slightly heavier.