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Polyaluminum chloride content how to use AL2O3 that way?

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2017-12-07 13:36:10

But there are impurities in industrial products, the determination of the impact of the basicity of the salt, the determination of the base of the salt can reach 90%. B = [OH] / [Al] × 100%. Polyaluminum chloride is understood as a hydrolysis product between normal salt Alcl3 and Al (OH) 3. Salt base degree refers to the polyaluminum chloride OH and Al equivalent percentage polyaluminum chloride is an amorphous inorganic polymer, in order to express its content, there is a quantitative standard, take AL2O3 to indicate its content, This is just a definition. Therefore, in the ideal case, the polyaluminum chloride has a base degree of 16.7% to 83.3%