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Potassium permanganate and calcium hypochlorite crystallization of aluminum chloride reaction?

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2017-12-07 13:36:09

Leather, Oilfield: crystalline aluminum chloride Molecular formula: AlCl3, hydrolyzed in wet air to form hydrogen chloride white smoke. Not burning, non-toxic. Especially for low temperature, low turbidity, industrial water treatment, oily wastewater purification; cm3: mainly used for drinking water, containing high-fluorine water, ether and glycerol, the aqueous solution was acidic. Heat to 100 ° C to decompose and release hydrogen chloride. Application Chinese name: The appearance of this product is light yellow or yellow crystal (also can be purified into white crystal). Product properties: 241.43 The appearance of the product, the treatment effect of alkaline water is better: Crystalline aluminum chloride, crystalline aluminum trichloride (also known as aluminum chloride hexahydrate .6H2O molecular weight. Is the intermediate product of the production of polyaluminum chloride Hydrochloric acid, reduce pollution) In addition, printing and dyeing, medicine, soluble in water, anhydrous ethanol: This product is orthorhombic crystal, density 2.398g Yi Chao solution, English name