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Why t1201 Brush No pac in bl-update

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2017-12-07 13:36:08

(If it is the first time to insert the battery, it will prompt "Toomany pac file"; 3) If you can not find the pac file, this time need to wait for 30S time, then hold down the dial and power button). 【Precautions】 1) During the upgrade process, if the power fails or fails, repeat the upgrade; 3.Pac end of the file name); 2) When inserting the battery. Upgrade method is divided into two kinds: 1) When the battery is not inserted , Will start the T card upgrade; 2) If there are multiple pac files in the bl_update directory (upgrade package is packaged into T card, press and hold the dial key, and then insert the battery, hold down the dial key and power button to try SD card upgrade bar [upgrade steps] 1. SD card formatted or deleted files in the SD card; 2. SD card, create a new folder named "bl_update", copy the pac file into the folder bl_update