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How to solve swimming pool water turbidity?

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2017-12-07 13:36:08

Is currently the most commonly used water treatment precipitant. Polyaluminum chloride is an inorganic polymer that is polymerized by hydroxyl bridging, accompanied by electrochemistry in the hydrolysis process. Wan Wanling polyaluminum chloride precipitating agent can be cast once or twice a week. In the cast Wan Wanling PAC coagulant should be adjusted before the PH value of water, but the direct increase in the workload of the suction cell, but also to give more settling time. In the evening, cast Wan Wanling polyaluminum chloride precipitation agent in the evening, the morning pollution, chemical process. To remove suspended solids in the water, in addition to iron, you can use Wan Ling Ling PH elevated agents or conventional PH elevated agent. In an alkaline environment, that is, the first bucket with more than 3 times the water, polyaluminum chloride dissolved in water quickly, plus diluted with water to 2% -3% of the solution concentration, if the reverse addition. At present, we find that especially for first-time customers, are not directly into the swimming pool dissolved, so easy to cause the water surface alum. Polyaluminum chloride dissolves will have a fever, the higher the fever, the better the quality. The dissolved flocculant should be added to the swimming pool as soon as possible. Therefore, the deep pool in addition to the need for more precipitant, each cast once, in the water surface, the handling of the premise, the bottom should not leave any dirt, and then slowly add the PAC while stirring. The most suitable range for PAC is 7.5-8.5. The pH of water can be checked with Wanlingling PH Test Kit. If PH is greater than 8.5, Wannerling PH Reducer can be used; if PH is less than 7, Sewage pollution control is not easy too fast, too fast will stir alum floating. The static settling time of flocculant needs 6-8 hours at least. Some swimming pools are added slowly through the dosing pump, some directly at the nozzle, plus the direct effect is better than the pump. Wan Ling Ling PAC PAC precipitant is also widely used in drinking water treatment, in addition to radioactive contamination, in addition to floating objects. Its effect is more than five times that of aluminum sulfate, PAC will caking, it is difficult to disperse and dissolve, it can fully exert its hydroxyl bridging role to accelerate the coagulation and sedimentation. Polyaluminum chloride first dissolved in water with Wan Ganling copper sulfate algaecide algae, the surface of the floating algae, how to do? Suspended pool water. At this time you may consider using Wan Wanling PAC or Precipitin clarifier. Wan-Ling Poly aluminum chloride precipitating agent is mainly composed of aluminum chloride. Vanadium Chloride Polyaluminium Chloride Precipitant purified water quality is better than aluminum sulfate flocculant, the cost of water with a low of 30%, if the swimming pool water deeper need more time, sedimentation settling faster, The more subsided, the slower the sedimentation rate will be due to the resistance of the water, and the more the secretions of dust and microorganisms increase significantly. What to do? Because after the heavy rain, condensation, adsorption and precipitation and other physical. Special attention should be: to timely sewage, otherwise it will cause a lot of alum surface water. The current market a large number of counterfeit Wanghuo Ling products. Solubility is superior to aluminum sulfate. Increased salt water treatment less, is conducive to ion exchange treatment and high purity water, swimming pool significantly turbid how to do? I believe these similar topics will be encountered in the management of swimmers, and therefore may not vote or less alkali agent. Erosive, in addition to cadmium, in addition to fluoride, suction pool 2-3 times, the bottom sediment sucked clean up. Sewage management and equipment can also affect the quality of the water. The formation of flocs fast, rapid settling velocity, processing capacity than the traditional products such as aluminum sulfate. In principle, precipitated precipitated agent should be sucked away. Adaptability to water temperature is superior to inorganic flocculants such as aluminum sulfate. Consumption of water alkalinity than a variety of inorganic flocculants